We are Irena and Dragan, wife and husband, friends, partners in photography. Our love affair with photography started when we were both teenagers, and today we share over 35 years’ experience as professional photographers. Irena used to work in Slovenia as a newspaper photographer. She has a passion for portraits, a keen eye for details that would escape most people, and a unique artistic touch. Dragan started out as a sports photographer for several daily and weekly newspapers and magazines, before moving on to the Serbian national press agency in Belgrade, where he worked as photographer and editor. He has lately been drawn mostly to wildlife photography. Both born in Yugoslavia, we ended up growing up in two separate countries. Irena grew up in Ljubljana, Slovenia, while Dragan is a native of Belgrade. It was love that brought us together in Belgrade – a city we now both call home. We love our city, our new old home. Dragan has known it all his life, Irena discovered its charms when she moved to Serbia. As soon as she first set foot on the cobbled streets of Belgrade, she knew that was it. It never ceases to amaze us, be it with its architecture, people, nature or hidden details, and offers us something new every day. Join us and get to know Belgrade as a local. See it all through your lens – and ours – and get a taste of the city that we live and breathe.