Beograd, a sunlit city nested between the Sava and the Danube, overlooked by the majestic Kalemegdan Fortress and marked by the many mighty bridges spanning the two rivers. A city teeming with surprises, waiting to reveal its stunning parks and museums, its modern and traditional shops and its bustling markets brimming with homegrown fruit and vegetables, homemade cheeses and charcuterie, and freshly caught freshwater and sea fish – you have guessed it, cooked on the spot and served with a glass of homemade brandy (rakija) or refreshing homemade fruit juice. Beograd, with its winding streets and hidden restaurants given away only by the unmistakable smell of homemade food – simply follow your nose. Beograd, where every café is a concert venue, and a stroll down the cobbled alleys of the bohemian Skadarlija district takes you back a century, within earshot of the ghosts of authors past, whispering away the songs they wrote in those very hideaways. Live and breathe Belgrade for a day. Join us for a photo tour of this magnificent city and get to know it from within. One thing is for sure: there is no escaping the energy, beauty and uplifting folk of Singidunum, as they once called this unique place under the sun.

1. Essential Belgrade Tour
If you are after the most iconic landmarks, this tour is for you. We will take a stroll through Belgrade’s beautiful streets, squares, parks, bohemian quarters, pedestrian districts and esplanades. You’ll have a chance to admire modern street art, ancient and contemporary architecture and even the remains of the Roman, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires strewn across the city. We will also take you to the confluence of the Sava and the Danube Rivers, and show you other notable sights that make this city so unique, from local art shops to the colorful markets, restaurants and cafés.

Walking distance: approx 5 km/3 mi
Required time: 3 hours
Price:  70 Eur per active photographer (Bring a guest non-photographer friend for free)
Group tours or Family – SPECIAL PRICES
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2. Out of Focus Tour
There is so much more than meets the eye in Belgrade! If you are a photographer, amateur or professional, with an eye for detail and a desire to see, feel and capture the unusual and the odd, join us on the Out of Focus tour. Follow us off the beaten track, away from the high streets and crowds, and experience Belgrade as you would never expect it – enchanting old buildings alongside marvels of modern design, local shops and hidden, quaint old cafés with local folk and traditional customs.

Walking distance: approx 8 km/5 mi
Required time: 4 hours
Price: 85 Eur per active photographer (Bring a guest non-photographer friend for free)
Group tours or Family – SPECIAL PRICES
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3. Communist Tour
How about a whirl in a time machine and a jump back to the 1950s, 60s and 70s? Perhaps a stroll through history along the open streets and boulevards of New Belgrade, past the mass-produced brutalist blocks of flats conceived by Tito’s architects as housing for the city’s new denizens? See the monumental Yugoslav Communist Party headquarters, a de facto center of power in the former country, along with the museums and monuments from the time when Belgrade was the capital of Yugoslavia.

Walking/Driving Tour
Required time: 4 hours
Price: 100 Eur per active photographer (Bring a guest non-photographer friend for free) The price includes museum tickets and fees for transportation (car or minivan).
Group tours or Family – SPECIAL PRICES
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4. Custom made Tour
Our top-of-the-line photo tour is planned and organized down to every last detail exactly how you want it. Pick the time, the date and the sites, choose whether you would rather walk, drive around in a car or go on a boat cruise – or combine all of the above – tell us about your favorite subjects and we will make it happen for you. We will take you on a fully customised tour that is sure to live up to your needs and expectations.

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