Serbia is a country in southeast Europe, in the middle of the Balkans, where the East meets the West. Throughout history, Serbia has always found itself nested between two opposites. Centuries ago it separated the Eastern from the Western Roman Empires, the Byzantium from the Roman Empire. This may come as a surprise, but no fewer than 16 Roman emperors were born on the territory of today’s Serbia. During the Middle Ages, the country became a bridge between the Ottoman Empire and the Christian West; come to the Cold War, Serbia hovered between NATO and the Warsaw Pact.
The result is a multiethnic and multicultural country that is home to the Serbian majority and some 40 ethnic groups. But such variety is not limited just to the people. Nature is no less diverse. Vojvodina in the north is the flatland, Šumadija, with its hills and wide-open valleys, is named after the extensive forests that once covered the land, and in the southwest lie the massifs and towering peaks. Serbia is home to Europe’s largest river, the Danube, alongside many smaller ones, and a variety of natural and artificial lakes, not to mention the largest sand steppe in Europe.
A country of contrasts, the bustling metropolis, busy cities, laid-back towns, sleepy villages and magnificent countryside, Serbia caters to all tastes. The warmth of the people, the kindness, and the atmosphere are unmatched as if everyone was born with a smile on their face. So don’t be surprised when you get three kisses – it’s how we do it.

1. Serbia Photo Tour
This is a custom tour organized to meet all your needs and expectations. Simply tell us what you would like to see, how much time you have and what your preferences are. We will come back to you with ideas and suggestions, based on our years of experience. As this is a private tour, we can visit places that you choose, spend as much time as you want at any given location, and discuss the finer points of the trade at length. The tour combines photography with cultural experiences and focuses on outstanding landscape photography, environmental portraits, social documentary, and wildlife photography. Join us and discover some of the most picturesque places in Eastern Europe, authentic rural life, Serbia’s historic sites, and a unique local culture and tradition.

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