Wildlife photo safari tour has so much to offer! Serbia has five national parks and over 463 nature reserves. These are home to 351 confirmed bird species and a range of habitat types, some of which boast particularly rich and diverse bird populations. You don't have to go far to have wildlife photo. Bird watching and photographing is even possible in the centre of Belgrade. The Great War Island at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, just over a mile from the city centre, is a genuine wildlife oasis and home to 196 bird species. A mere hour's drive from Belgrade to the east, west or north are five Ramsar Areas. The mountains and pristine woodlands of central Serbia, somewhat further away from the metropolis, are yet another diverse habitat where wolves, wild cats and bears roam free. We know all the good spots for wildlife photo, both popular and remote, be it in the woods or cleared out areas, and will be happy to provide you with guidance and advice non how to get the shot you are looking for.  

1. Bird Photo Safari - wildlife photo tour for bird lovers

This wildlife photo tour is specially designed for bird enthusiasts. We specialise in bird photography and organising tailor-made tours. Send us an enquiry along with your wish list: how much time you have, what bird species you are after, what kind of accommodation and food you prefer and what is your budget. We will design you a tour, take care of the transport, catering and accommodation and even hire a professional local guide. You will have one of a kind experience designed completely to your needs and wishes.
To book the Bird Photo Safari, please email us at info@serbiaphoto.tours